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Why is Sleep Important? Medical Minutes with Doctor Primack Episode 3

Sleep for Weight Loss Welcome to a Medical Minute. Why is sleep so important for weight loss? That's a great question. Sleep is an important part of weight loss for many reasons. The two biggest reasons that I talk about are number one, when you aren't sleeping well, and we'll call it restorative sleep, when you aren't getting enough restorative sleep, your metabolism is slower and you're more hungry. Medical Studies on Sleep And so what are the three studies that I always tell people about? Number one in this study, if you slept more than seven hours, you weighed less.…

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Sleep is the Secret to Weight Loss — Craig Primack MD Scottsdale Weight Loss Center

Everyone knows about Diet and Exercise, Sleep may be even more important if you want to lose weight. Find out why in this video. Doctor. Primack: Thank you. Thanks for coming. Tonight I’m going to talk about the relationship between weight and sleep. I’m going to tell a little story to start us off tonight. I’ve been doing this now for 13 years full-time. Someone in the first about two years, this guy’s still very vivid to me, the conversations we had about his weight and his sleep. Doctor. Primack: We can take the three big things that go into weight loss.…
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