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Introducing Medical Minutes with Doctor Primack

  Hello. My name is Dr. Craig Primack. I'm excited to be here today and to talk to you about a new video segment I'm calling Medical Minutes. Medical Minutes are a couple of minutes, maybe one to three minutes, occasionally more, hopefully coming out most Wednesdays, about a topic that's passionate to me.   It may be about diet, weight loss, medicine, food, or something else that I think you will find interesting. Sometimes, it's going to be my favorite obesity medicine for weight loss. Often,  it's going to be about exercise, or sleep, or diet, or all those things that get into your everyday…

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Welcome to my Blog!

If you are reading this post, I will assume you are new here.   Let me introduce myself, I am Craig Primack MD, FACP, FAAP, FOMA Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Obesity Medicine Physician Co-Founder of  Scottsdale Weight Loss Center President-elect of the Obesity Medicine Association ( Arizona Resident for 20 years but born and raised in Chicago, Illinois Father of 3 great kids (16, 14 and 9) Parent to 2 dogs, Cosmo and Zoey My day job: Obesity medicine physician, which a fancy word for weight loss doctor During my office day, I meet patients…
Doctor Primack - Weight Loss Physician