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The 5 Most Important Articles in Obesity Medicine

Welcome Everyone, welcome!  Thank you for being here.    This is the first time Scottsdale Weight Loss has done a Zoom meeting. Obviously, we'd love to have everyone in the classroom and we'll talk about classes as one of the aspects of this talk is about ... To give you a little background, this talk has come together over about two years which I think for me makes it exciting. So I belong not only to discuss the Weight Loss Center obviously, but I am the president of a large society of weight loss physicians and nurse practitioners and PAs. We're…

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The Science of Obesity and Why We Gain Weight

The Science of Obesity— WHY– This was a talk that I gave at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center On Thursday, October 11th, 2018. Obesity is a Chronic and Serious Disease that now affects 40% of our society. Craig Primack MD Scottsdale Weight Loss Center 480-366-4400     Craig Primack:                   First of all. Thank all of you for coming. A big thanks to, you guys all know, Ashton. Big thanks to Ashton. We couldn’t do this without her. Ashton:                                Thank you. Craig Primack:                   I give talks all around to doctors. I’ve been doing it for about, since about 2010 as part of a big society called The Obesity Medicine Association. We’re…
Doctor Primack - Weight Loss Physician