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Two Secrets to Longevity

Two Secrets to Longevity Hi, I'm Dr. Craig Primack from Scottsdale Weight Loss. Today, I'm going to talk about longevity. The first question is what is longevity? Longevity is living longer. Along with living longer, we want to live healthier or better. One of the things that is most beneficial for longevity or living a long time is movement. Exercise to Live Longer There are several exercises that have been shown to really help people live longer. This comes from the Copenhagen City Heart Study, where the number one exercise for living a long time was tennis. Number two was badminton. Badminton is not…

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Secrets to a Long and Healthy Life — Craig Primack MD — Scottsdale Weight Loss Center

Do you know what it takes to live a healthy life? There is much published on the Blue Zones… Know what they are? Know where they are? Will you live a long time?   Transcript: Craig Primack MD:            Secrets To a long and healthy life. Craig Primack MD:            What are the healthiest things we can do for ourselves? Audience:                               Sleep. Craig Primack MD:            Sleep. Definitely one of ’em. What else? Audience:                               Activity. Craig Primack MD:            Activity, exercise. What else? Audience:                               Laugh. Craig Primack MD:            Absolutely laugh, yeah. Audience:                               Water. Craig Primack MD:            Water, yes. What else? What’s number one? I haven’t heard it yet. Audience:                               It’s Laugh. Craig Primack MD:            Laugh is up there. Craig…
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