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Children, Covid-19 and Weight Gain

Children, Covid-19 and Weight Gain Hi, I'm Dr. Craig Primack from Scottsdale Weight Loss Center. Today's medical minute is about our children during the coronavirus pandemic, during COVID-19. And if they have gained weight and then what to do about it. Have They Gained Weight? So the first part is very simple. Sometimes it's actually hard to know whether our children have gained weight during the pandemic. Many of our pediatrician's visits have become virtual. And as we know, the scales aren't done during a virtual visit. If you do find out that your child has gained weight, or you notice that…

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CoronaVirus and Obesity – Medical Minutes Episode 5

A Coronavirus Covid- 19 Welcome to Medical Minutes, I am Dr Craig Primack. Today is the beginning of July 2020, this information is accurate as to what we know today. It may change tomorrow or time may pass and we solidify some of these ideas or completely dispute some or all of them. This medical minutes has been in “working mode” for at least a month. I finally sat down the end of last week to compile all my thoughts and expect todays medical minutes to be a bit longer than usual. Let me know what you think… We are in the midst of the worst infectious pandemic…
Doctor Primack - Weight Loss Physician