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CoronaVirus and Obesity – Medical Minutes Episode 5

A Coronavirus Covid- 19 Welcome to Medical Minutes, I am Dr Craig Primack. Today is the beginning of July 2020, this information is accurate as to what we know today. It may change tomorrow or time may pass and we solidify some of these ideas or completely dispute some or all of them. This medical minutes has been in “working mode” for at least a month. I finally sat down the end of last week to compile all my thoughts and expect todays medical minutes to be a bit longer than usual. Let me know what you think… We are in the midst of the worst infectious pandemic…

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The Science of Obesity and Why We Gain Weight

The Science of Obesity— WHY– This was a talk that I gave at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center On Thursday, October 11th, 2018. Obesity is a Chronic and Serious Disease that now affects 40% of our society. Craig Primack MD Scottsdale Weight Loss Center 480-366-4400     Craig Primack:                   First of all. Thank all of you for coming. A big thanks to, you guys all know, Ashton. Big thanks to Ashton. We couldn’t do this without her. Ashton:                                Thank you. Craig Primack:                   I give talks all around to doctors. I’ve been doing it for about, since about 2010 as part of a big society called The Obesity Medicine Association. We’re…
Doctor Primack - Weight Loss Physician