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VOTE:   Craig Primack MD, FACP, FAAP, FOMA

For the position of President-Elect of the OMA

To the Members of the OMA,

I have served on the board of the OMA for the past 8 years and have been directly involved its growth and am invested in the future of this society

My goals for the Society are simple:

  1. Raise the membership value portfolio

-Whereas others are interested in lowering membership dues, I am interested in increasing membership value to you by focusing on providing a broader portfolio of educational material for much bigger audience on 3 levels: from practitioners (MD, DO, NP and PA) and specialists (including Obesity Medicine Specialists) to practitioners in all levels of training.

Recently we:

  • increased our portfolio by bringing in new marketing manager- goal is to retain old members and run a campaign to acquire new members
  • We are hiring an instructional designer to bring education to providers in multiple formats including didactic, video, and small group learning
  • Hired a new CME director (Nicholas Pennings).
  • Hired a new Executive Director (ED). I’m sure you’ll agree Claudia is awesome and is going to do great things for our organization
  • Hired new Obesity Treatment Foundation (OTF ED) with a fundraising background.
  • Decided to add an advanced certificate for physicians in training and PCPs who do not want to take the step of becoming board certified but want to be recognized for their interest in the treatment of obesity
  1. Support our NPs/PAs
  • First step was bringing them onto the board in an official position
  • Recently started the PA/NP training certificate,
  • Goal to increase ongoing involvement moving forward.
  1. Start a collection of private practice tools
  • The initial focus on a collection of clinical pearls to help new practitioners in their clinical practices.
  • I have set up 4 clinics across Arizona and have a passion for helping the private practice practitioner

     4. Helped to grow organization to over 2000 members, with record attendance this conference.

I urge you to find your recent email from the OMA, and VOTE NOW for me,

Craig Primack MDpresident-elect of the OMA


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