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The More You Use, The Faster You Lose Weight

The More You Use, The Faster You Lose Weight

The faster you lose weight…

Hi, I am Dr. Craig Primack from Scottsdale Weight Loss Center.

A New Mini Feature

Welcome to another Medical Minute. Today is the start of a small series of Medical Minutes having to do with sayings or thoughts that I have that are things that happen all the time in the clinic. Maybe it’s I found myself saying a certain message over and over again, or when someone says one thing to me, I have a very patented answer that I’ve kind of developed over the years. Today’s saying is the more you use the faster you lose.

Featuring Comprehensive Medical Weight Loss

At Scottsdale weight loss, we have developed a comprehensive program that has four pieces. Dietary change with a low calorie diet of some type. Number two, exercise counseling. Number three medicines that help you with weight loss. And number four behavior changes or a class series that we have put together with PhD level psychologists, as well as registered dieticians.

The More You Use, The Faster You Lose Weight

The more you use the faster you lose refers to the first part, which is dietary manipulation or less calories. I do tend to feel one of the best ways to lose weight is by using meal replacements. We have been using meal replacements with people, both in a full fashion and in a partial fashion for years. In a full fashion, we use a meal replacement that is medical grade.

Some people refer to it as medical nutrition therapy, where you have bars and shakes and soups that are protein based, but they have all the protein you need, they have a small amount of fat, a small amount of carbohydrates, what we call our macronutrients, but also our micronutrients. They have enough vitamins and minerals for you to just have those pieces of food as food for as long as you need to.

The only other thing that they don’t have is water. And so you have to drink water also.

Benefits of Meal Replacements

One of the best reasons to use meal replacements are the weight loss is fast. I can dial in a number of calories per day and know that you’re exactly getting there those numbers. Not that we don’t or can’t at times weigh our food, not that a serving size is not standardized, but it often takes a lot of work to determine exactly how many ounces, let’s just say a chicken breast is, or how many calories that salad dressing is that you’re using.

The benefit of meal replacements is they’re exact. The ones that we use taste extremely good. Many of us here in the office as well as patients I’ve been taken care of for years maybe even over time, use a couple of them a day, along with regular food, to help maintain their weight, where they have now been maintaining weight for years would have not been able to keep their weight off in the past.

The third thing is they’re nutritionally complete. You may use our meal replacements along with water and not need any other nutrients, unless you’ve already been asked to take something else by your doctor.

The more you use, the faster you lose.

Meal Replacements are a Great Tool

Now, I’m not asking people to give up food. I’m asking them to use this as a tool so that you may feel better quicker so that you may get off medicines fast, so that you may start being able to do the things that you want to do as far as activity, as fast as we humanly can. The more you use, the faster you lose.

Thanks a lot, have a great day. And I’ll see you next week with my next little saying.


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