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Should I use Artificial Sweeteners? Medical Minutes #17

Should I Use Artificial Sweeteners?

Hi, I’m Dr. Craig Primack and welcome to another Medical Minute.

Artificial Sweeteners

Today about artificial sweeteners. The question is, should I use artificial sweeteners as part of a diet or weight loss plan?

So, it’s not a simple question and it isn’t a simple answer. The first thing I can tell you is absolutely water is the best without sugar, without artificial sweeteners. It is the best beverage to take to keep us hydrated and to use throughout the day. I can also tell you that we know that sugar itself is the worst. If water is on one side and sugar is on the other, sometimes when we should stay away from sugar and we don’t want water, we go with artificial sweeteners.

Medical Studies

Most of the studies done on artificial sweeteners, not just opinion pieces written on the internet, but studies that have done have shown that artificial sweeteners do help weight loss.

These studies have been done in a blinded fashion. A person was taking in a drink and they did not know whether it was an artificial sweetener or a non-artificial sweetener. There are many associative studies. Associative studies look at the past and they say, “In the last month or in the last year how many artificially sweetened beverages did you have?” And then they look at someone’s weight. Historically, dietary recall studies are very inaccurate and do not represent what the real world looks like. It is hard for you or me to remember what we really had a month ago, six months ago, or a year ago.

YES to Artificial Sweeteners

So, I think the answer to the question: should I use artificial sweeteners is yes, in limited amounts.

Start with water. And if water isn’t enough for you, then at least to get your 64 ounces or more hydration per day, artificially sweetened beverages are acceptable.

Thanks. Have a great week.


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