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Chasing Diets, a Book by Craig Primack MD and Rob Ziltzer MD - Medical Minutes 28

Chasing Diets, Stop the Endless Search and Discover the Solution

Hi, I’m Dr. Craig Primack from Scottsdale Weight Loss Center. I’m going to spend a few minutes today talking about a book that I wrote with Dr. Robert Ziltzer called Chasing Diets. The subtitle of Chasing Diets is Stop the Endless Search and Discover the Solution.

It seems over the past several years, people start a diet, they try it. When it doesn’t work they ask their friends or they go to the internet and they try another diet. And then they try another diet, and then try another diet. That has not been shown over time to work for people.

The Four Legs of the Chair

In this book, you learn about the different aspects that go into a comprehensive medical weight loss program. We use the analogy of the four legs of the chair, the four big pieces in a comprehensive weight loss program are dietary change, activity or exercise, behavior modification or classes that help you learn how to keep it off, and the fourth is medications that work on the appetite centers of the brain.

If you take just one aspect or one leg of the chair, let’s say that’s diet, and you don’t do any of the other pieces, your chair is not stable. And with just a little bit of stress, it easily falls over. As you had two or three and four legs of the chair, your chair is much more stable. When stress comes into the system, we know that a chair on four strong legs will do much better. Underneath the chair is a base that we call active maintenance, which is the maintenance program that’s been designed around our medical weight loss program.

Quotes from the Back of the Book:

Here’s a quote or two from the back cover of Chasing Diets.
“Everything we all think we know about weight loss is false.”

If we all knew how to do weight loss and had the technology and the capabilities to lose weight, we wouldn’t have the problem that we have now. This is a medical problem. Our weight is a medical problem that needs a medical solution.

Here’s another quote.

“Chasing Diets is not just another diet book, but rather a recipe for success.”

And I’m going to leave you with one more.

“Chasing Diets brings a message of hope for those who have tried it all and still find lasting weight loss to be an elusive goal.”

Chasing Diets is a clear choice for my patients who are serious about making a permanent change in their lives. I’ve maintained my weight loss for the past eight years and has truly changed my life and the way I think, act and live.

Happy New Year; 2021 Here We Come

As we get into January, what some of us call the weight loss season. It’s when New Year’s resolutions bring on weight loss plans. If you have been unsuccessful in the past, consider that your weight is a medical condition and the best person to treat it is someone who has been trained in obesity medicine. Thank you.
Have a great week, happy New Year, and here’s to a much better 2021 than 2020.



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